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Vision ZERO House

Chevalle Neighborhood, Chaska MN


  The Vision Zero home, completed in early 2013 was one of the first of its kind in the region to essentially sustain itself. That doesn’t mean that it is “off the grid.” Actually, it may use some energy from the local utility. But a vision-zero energy home generates the bulk of its own energy and makes enough extra energy to sell it back to the utility through “net metering,” offsetting the amount purchased. Many vision-zero energy homes also use building materials made from renewable resources – for even greater sustainability.


The Chevalle Vision-Zero House used the following products supplied by Edwards Sales:

STYROFOAM™ Tongue & Groove

STYROFOAM™ Spray Polyurethane  Foam


FROTH-PAK™ Foam Insulation and Sealant


WEATHERMATE™ Construction Tape

WEATHERMATE™ Flashing & Sill Pan

GREAT STUFF™ - Gaps & Cracks

                          Window & Door

                          Wall & Floor adhesive


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custom home.jpg

Custom Built

Single Family Home

Springfield, Missouri


Builder: Richland Homes in Springfield, MO. Dow 1” Structural Insulated Sheathing over wood framing. ​All seams were taped with 3” Dow Weathermate Contruction Tape. 

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