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Representing quality manufacturers and their products. These products are used in all types of construction to keep your buildings ...

Warm & Dry!

Latitude 45, Minneapolis

People   Knowledge   Relationships

     Edwards Sales believes these three elements have been a key part in the success of our business over the past 65 plus years. Our dedicated staff and knowledge of best building practices have helped our customers achieve the most efficient and cost effective building envelopes in the industry.

     Whether it is commercial, residential or agricultural construction, our resources  provide solutions that can win the battle against harsh weather conditions that occur in this region.

       We stand behind the products we represent and the building science that went into developing them. We offer training to dealers, builders and architects to keep them up to date with current information on products and applications. ​ Together we can build a warmer building, a dryer building, a better building.

Serving the Construction Industry

Since 1954                     

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