Edwards Sales stands behind the products we represent but most importantly we stand behind the building science that went into developing them. We offer training to dealers, builders and architects to keep them up to date with current information on products and applications. Our CEU presentations help our clients stay compliant while learning what really goes into creating a high performing building envelope.

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Marketing Support
-Helping our customers sell to their customers We offer creative solutions to presenting products with focus on our customer's individual needs.


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For Commercial/Roofing Markets

-Dew Point Analysis
-Specification Review
-Design Analysis
-Continuing Education Presentations
providing AIA credits on the following:
-Direct-to-Deck insulation -Thin Brick
-Sealants - Urethanes / Silicones

For Residential Markets
-Value Plus Meetings These are presentations we host in conjunction with your local building materials supplier! We feature the benefits of Styrofoam™ Brand Insulation.
-Code Compliance Assistance

If you need code compliance assistance or a product presentation, please contact us!

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