Friends and Family of Edwards Sales enjoy Christmas at the Staubers.


Trade Show Participation

Mad Scientists at the UBC Managers Meeting


Team Photo 2009

"Shrimp on the Barbie"

Golf outings Mid 90s

Tom Stauber & Kevin Slattery inspect a roofing project

Team Photo


Edwards Sales Corporation was founded in 1954 by Ed Schlamp and Ed Schlamp Jr. The company began as an independent distributor for Dow Chemical Company specializing in Styrofoam.

Shortly thereafter the product line was expanded to include GE Silicone sealants and a host of other products that keep you warm and dry. With the weather in the Midwest being what it is, our warm and dry focus has been a pivotal part of our success.

Since 1991, Tom Stauber has owned the company and has continued the rich tradition of providing excellent service, products and people to help you stay warm and dry.