Telling Architectural 

Telling Architectural is an international distributor of rainscreen facades with operations in North America, The United Kingdom and the Caribbean. Telling enjoys a reputation for architectural facade innovation, technical support and customer support.

Heckmann Building Products

Heckmann Building Products, Inc. has been producing quality stone and masonry anchors and ties since 1923!

The Pos-I-Tie® brand is synonymous with acceptance and longevity in the masonry construction industry. With millions of units used in thousands of construction projects across the country, The Original Pos-I-Tie® Veneer Anchoring System is the #1 most specified veneer anchor. Heckmann Building Products contiunues to add new and innovative products to the Pos-I-Tie® family. The newest additions include: The Pos-I-Tie® Thermal Clip™ and the Pos-I-Tie® KeyBolt. Innovation in design is why the Pos-I-Tie® name is the most accepted and trusted name in the industry!


Hyload Roofing Systems
Uses an exclusive formula of DuPont™ Elvaloy® KEE roofing resins in combination with coal tar pitch and dispersed polyester fibers. This high-performance membrane is time-tested and durable. In fact, Hyload Coal Tar Elastomeric Membranes (CTEM) were developed over 30 years ago in Europe, where they are still in use today. This is because the systems’ unique formulation of materials links the advanced technologies of Elvaloy® with the performance characteristics of coal tar pitch

  • Buoyancy Billets
  • Engineered Metal Buildings
  • OEM/Specialty Applications
  • Retrofit/Restoration

Rodenhouse Inc.

Manufacturing dynamic fastening solution systems for continuous insulation.  Save your project time in labor by utilizing Rodenhouse pneumatic tools along with our fasteners and washers for accurate and fast installations.  Offering fasteners for drilling into structural metal/studs to wood/light gauge metal to masonry.  We also manufacture Thermal-Grip plastic washers to attach exterior insulation with barrel-style brick ties.  This eliminates the redundancy in most typical fastening patterns, as well as reducing penetrations and thermal bridging.  Also available; stucco, EIFS, and building wrap fasteners and washers.

  • Agricultural Construction
  • Commercial Construction
  • Residential Construction
  • Commercial Roofing

Copper Plus from Heyco Metals

CopperPlus is the original copper-clad stainless architectural strip. It combines the aesthetic beauty of copper with the benefits of stainless steel.
CopperPlus provides:

  • The corrosion resistance, formability, durability, and integrity of copper

  • The increased strength, resistance to erosion, reduced thermal expansion, and lighter weight of stainless steel

Gentite Roofing Systems

Whether residential or commercial, flat or low-slope, creating a watertight roof can be a challenging project. GenTite RRS offers everything you need for a simple and durable installation using only the highest quality membranes and accessories . Conveniently packaged for small to mid-sized applications. GenTite RRS is the right fit for every project from garages and patios to dormers and decks. Our systems are designed and tested for weatherability, durability, and compatibility for flat or low-slope roof conditions. 

Knight Wall Systems

Knight Wall Systems manufactures versatile, ventilated rain screen façade attachment systems that accommodate an expansive array of cladding options. Knight's LEED-rich continuous-insulation (CI System) has been designated an Environmental News "Top-10 Green Building Product".

General Electric Company, USA

Sealants for structural glazing, weatherproofing, high performance and general purpose glazing, sealing, window fabrication and sanitary fixturing. The latest technology in the evolution of silicone sealants has made what was once thought to be an impossibility into a reality; a 100% high performance silicone sealant that will NOT stain traditionally sensitive porous substrates like white marble or limestone. The inherent product properties of a non-stain sealant type also tend to reduce dirt attraction and subsequent surface streaking from run-down, typical of many other construction sealant types. The performance standard by which all high performance non-staining silicone sealants are measured is the well known ASTM C920 Specification for Elastomeric Joint Sealants.

 Tremco and Vulkem

Years of experience have proven that Vulkem High Performance Polyurethane sealants exhibit superior dependability and long lasting performance.

T. Clear Corporation (residential/roofing)

Lightguard® ballasted roofing system for protected membrane applications. Thermadry and Thermacav insulation and drainage boards.

Dow Chemical, USA (commercial/residential/roofing)

• Styrofoam® brand insulation for residential, cavity wall, foundation and roofing applications. Now accepted for direct-to-steel-deck applications!

• Dow Polyisocyanurate Insulation including Thermax, Tuff R and Super Tuff R for residential and commercial applications

• Weathermate Building Solutions, including Weathermate and Weathermate Plus housewrap, straight and flexible flashing, and window sill pans.

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