3M™ Air and Vapor Through Wall Flashing Tape 3015TWF is specially designed for use as a through wall flashing and dampproof course. Features exceptional puncture and abrasion resistance. It is an impermeable polyethylene membrane with an aggressive, high-tack acrylic pressure sensitive adhesive that does not require the use of a primer on most construction surfaces..

With a wider temperature range for application and longer UV resistance than any other products available, our membranes and tapes also help you extend your building season. They’re designed to work seamlessly on even the hardest jobs, which means faster installation, less labor, and better results.

​​3M™ Firestop Products
3M’s fully integrated, easy-to-use products and systems prevent the spread of fire, smoke and toxic gasses for a safer, healthier workplace.

3M™ Air and Vapor Barrier 3015 is an air, moisture and waterimpermeable film membrane with an aggressive, high-tack pressure sensitive acrylic adhesive. It reduces air leakage and uncontrolled airflow from the building envelope, prevents moisture ingress and helps improve indoor air quality. It does not require the use of a primer on most construction surfaces.

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​​​3M™ Ultra Conformable Flashing Tape 3015UC is a tough commercial flashing tape designed to work with both permeable and non-permeable wall systems. This tape is extremely flexible, stretching in both horizontal and vertical directions, and can stretch to conform around corners. This tape does not require a primer.

​​3M™ Air Barrier with Permeable Backing 3015VP is a self-adhered vapor permeable, wind and water resistant membrane with an aggressive acrylic adhesive and a breathable film. Primer is not required on most construction surfaces. This reverse-wound roll allows for longer roll lengths, increasing contractor productivity.